How Do Epilators Work ?

Epilators are efficient hair removal devices that have distinct advantages over other methods like shaving. They have tiny tweezers that hold the strands of hair and pull them out directly from the root. So, you won’t see any hair for a relatively long time after using them. Epilators can be used on most parts of your body including your legs, pelvic area, belly, chest, back, arms, underarms, and face. Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about the best epilators.

How Do Epilators Work?

A modern epilator is a relatively small hair removal device that gets its power from an electric motor. It has a rotating head that contains tweezers. Each tweezer has moving plates that comes together as the head rotates. The tips of the moving plates catch the strands of hair and pull them out completely from the root before releasing them.

In order to remove hair efficiently in various parts of your body, epilators now come with different shaped and molded attachments. These attachments have been specially designed and tested to provide superior results on different parts of your body. Epilators now come in different models such as cordless, battery operated, and rechargeable.

What Determines the Effectiveness of an Epilator?

The number of tweezers determines the speed of the epilation. That means the greater the number of tweezers, the faster your hair will be removed. Currently, the epilators with 72 tweezers are considered to be the most effective epilators.

In addition to the number of tweezers, the speed of rotation, shape of the rotating head, and the arrangement of the tweezers also determine how fast and effective it is. That is why the top epilator brands have detachable rotating heads for various parts of the body like the legs, armpits, and face.

How Long Do Epilating Results Last?

With epilation, you will have very smooth skin that will last for close to 4 weeks. Taking out hair from the root will delay the growth of new hair. You will also have softer and finer hair when it grows back. People with sensitive skin will appreciate the benefit of epilating because it does not pull on the skin when removing the hair. It also saves you the hassles of removing your hair every two days, particularly during the cold or dry seasons when frequent hair removal can cause skin irritation.

Does Epilating Hurt?

Epilators remove hair more efficiently than other methods such as waxing, but they can hurt a bit. The amount of pain you will feel will reduce as you use it more often. Initially, your body will not be used to the simultaneous removal of so many hair strands from the root. However, the new hairs that will grow after the first few epilations will be thinner and finer. So, they will be pulled out faster with less resistance and less pain. In addition, some new epilators now come with massaging mechanisms, and others have a wet system that is gentler on the skin. After the first few epilations, you will be able to epilate comfortably with minimal discomfort.


An epilator provides a convenient way to take out hair from the root, resulting in smooth skin. It is also a time and money saver. Instead of spending time shaving every two days, you can use an epilator once, and you will not have to do it again for 2 – 4 weeks. It also saves money because it does not require replacement of shaving blades, creams, or wax.

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