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Best facial hair removal 2017 – Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Which the best facial hair removal ways you often do to get rid of your unwanted hair on your face? And you often do it by yourself or have somebody do it for you?


Actually, peach fuzzy or unwanted hair are just natural things we have on our body. They grows over time and normally regrowth after two weeks we shave or wax. Although they cause harmless and unhurt to us, they definitely bring us embarrassing and disgusting when going into the public. That’s definitely not things we want to experience in life. That’s why they need to be removed every single time and if you’re interested in the epilator read the article this buying guide epilator 2017.

However, each individual has different ways to remove them. This completely depends on your expense, your time, and your favorite choice. Some may have trips to salons where has professional people to do it for you every two week. While some others would like to do by themselves with handy tools.

In case, going to beauty salons for waxing may be convenient for you. Or simply you are just a type of an at-home-beauty-trick lover, the collection of following best facial hair removal products may be worth your considerations. Also, along with the reviews of best products, the article includes some tips on helping you choose the best facial hair removers and tricks to remove facial hair. Keep reading!

Top 3 Best Facial Hair Removal

There are a variety of facial removal products out there. All often claims as the best, which may make you overwhelmed and confused. Normally, it’s ideal to read buying guides and reviews before purchasing one because there is a collection of best ones included in a review. Therefore, your list is trimmed down. Your way to your right one is shorter. Similarly, the best facial hair removal products recommended here are those you should take considerations when choosing products to remove hair.

1. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor of 6

It’s been more well-known since a beauty vlogger made a video about it. Also, there are some other beauty vloggers recommend this razor then. That’s enough to trust about the quality of this eyebrow razor. Still doubting about this?


However, which features make it well-known like that? It is designed to be closer to your skin, allowing you to have cleaner shave. Plus, the very sharp blade allows you to have perfectly exact cuts, which is possible to get rid of all unwanted hair on your face. Nicely, it leaves smooth surface but poses no the risks to cause irritation or redness.

Ideally, as an outstanding feature, it comes with a long angle of blade. With this unique design, it allows you to perfectly shave on sideburn, chin and eyebrow areas. Especially it is very practical to shave upper lip area, even for your nostrils hair. For such a nice design, this is a best upper lip hair removal tool you should have at home.

What else? Some razors just work well when you apply some cream on your face before shaving. However, that is not the case of Tinkle because it works perfectly with both dry and wet face. Additionally, the razor also comes with non-slip grip design, which increases the safety while using. Another upside is about its long-last-sharp blade, which allows you to save money for replacing new ones. Often each may take over 10 times of use to replace new ones. However, there are still some complaints about it, which says that it is inconsistent, so don’t take my only my words for it. Trying is never hurt. Make it a try to have your personal experience with Tinkle!

  • Unique design with long angle blade
  • Low price
  • Being able to use both wet and dry face
  • Inconsistent

2. Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo Fine to Medium Hair 1 Kit

Using a best facial hair removal cream like Olay smooth finish facial hair removal kit is another effective way to remove your unwanted hair on your face. Actually recommended as the best hair removal cream for face by many beauty vloggers due to its ultimate result but unhurt feeling.


However, what does this kit have? It includes two items. One is Olay’s skin guarding balm. This is used to apply before you applying removal cream, resulting in preventing your skin from being irritated. Also, it gives your skin more moisture. Other is hair removal cream which is very gently for your skins. When using, it also needs time to sit on your skin before removing with a piece of cloth.

What else? Both of two items included in the kit are designed with the great ingredients. Especially, the skin guarding balm contains Tocopheryl Acetate – a type of vitamin E, which helps to moisturize your skin. Also, Olay is quite perfect as best hair removal cream for sensitive skin because the ingredients contained in creams are designed to minimize the skin reaction. However, it doesn’t guarantee for all cases.

Ideally, they are easy to use and take no hassle tasks for doing. Also, it doesn’t take long time for cream to be ready to remove. Plus, it has no unpleasant smell or burn while using, which reduces bothering feeling when using hair removal creams.

Normally, this shouldn’t be recommended for eyebrow areas but it is the best way to remove upper lip hair.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Effective but no burn to cause
  • Skin reaction may happens in some cases, especially super sensitive skin

3. Tweezerman LTD Mini Slant Tweezer

Using tweezers is the simple way to remove unwanted hair people often do. Usually, each girl has this item at home. If you are looking for tweezers that works well for pulling hair, get this LTD mini slant tweezers. It is stainless steel, which is more durable and causes no rust over time. Also, the tweezer is designed to have better grip, which helps it to pluck exactly as you need. In addition, both ends are sharp but give enough grip to pull out ingrown hairs. This is definitely better than using hair removal cream or other methods.


However, the downside of using this is not effective in removing hair on large areas. Absolutely, it is impossible to remove hair for entire face. Spending a whole day can’t get rid of all facial hair at all, which definitely nobody does. For those reasons, it should be the tool to maintenance your eyebrows’ shapes and removing ingrown hairs on some needed areas. Plus, the removing you upper lip hair is still ok but may cause time-consuming. Also, it can be hurtful a bit to use this, which may be annoying.

In addition, this tweezer comes in a low price, which is affordable for everybody to have. The design of tweezer is small and easy to put on your bag when needing to carry somewhere.

  • It is affordable
  • Being easy to remove ingrowth hair
  • Impossible to remove hair on large areas

Tips on Removing Facial Hair

Obviously, nobody wants to have peach fuzzy on the face. It looks disgusting. Even very embarrassing to see moustache on a woman. It looks weird and seems like she doesn’t know how to take care of herself. Furthermore, when removing hair, your face would be smoother to touch. It is easier to absorb when applying cream, which we use to moisturize our skin. Plus, make-up cover is possible to stay stable on smooth skin. Those all are smooth-skin benefits we can see when removing facial hair.

There are plenty of methods of removing hair on the body, which includes facial hair. Each one of those method comes with its pros and cons. However, there are some things you may need to consider when removing your facial hair.


This is a common method people do as hair removal method for face. Usually, people use a razor to do the trick, but improper techniques may cause your skin injured, irritated and razor burn. Therefore, any steps you put the razor on you may need to be skillful. Plus, it isn’t advisable to shave on a dry skin because it doesn’t give your perfectly exact cuts. Also, when doing this, you may experience with razor burn, irritation and redness. Those all are annoying.

Therefore, it is ideal to have a bath before shaving because it gives your skin clean. In case you don’t have much time for this, just wash only your face. Also, shaving cream is often used as the prepping step before you place the razor on. Its purpose is to wet your face so as hair is easier to be cut. Plus, cream offers your skin some moisture, which increases the smooth feeling while shaving and reduces the risk for getting irritation. Bear in mind to look for quality of shaving cream. If your skin is a sensitive type, this step turns out a must-have, but use a cream for sensitive skin.

In addition, it isn’t advisable to use a dull blade to shave. It is dangerous, which can cause your skin injured. Definitely, a dull blade never offer exact cuts as you want. Eventually, you should keep your razor sanitary, always clean it after use. There is an advice on this, which you should rinse razors with alcohol for killing bacteria.

Using Facial Hair Removal Cream

This method is obviously easy and simple to do. It often requires no skillful tasks. All you do is apply some cream as instructions, take time to wait and remove. It’s very simple. Ideally, those who scares razors can go with this method. But it may be not the choice for those who have a sensitive skin type. The ingredients contained in creams may cause skin reaction like rash, irritation and redness.

Other problem is you may experience itchy after applying cream. Therefore, if this is your choice, check that if you are sensitive to cream. A small test you can do is applying small amount to your hand where you often test your lipsticks. Let it sit for a while. If there is no skin reaction, you can use when removing your face without any problems. In case, rash, irritation or redness may happens after applying cream, immediately rinse it with water. Any further negative side effects may have, seek for doctor’s help.

However, is it ok to use your hair removal cream for face for your legs? It may not work because facial hair is often small, soft, fine and pale while leg’s hair is harder, darker and coarser. This means you need the different one. Also, there are available best hair removal cream for legs, it is better to not use it for legs.


One of the most effective ways to remove hair on face at home is using wax strips. It works well for all parts on your face, which leaves no hair behind. Using for a small area like upper lip has no problem. It won’t take you long to wait to remove the strip off. However, it may cause a bit hurt when you pull out, but it will soon go away. The result is completely perfect, which is smooth and clean.

Furthermore, the upside of this method is it can last up to 2 – a month for hair to regrow. Definitely it is a better result comparing to tweezing or shaving. Plus, this method is work well with both peach fuzzy and coarse hair removing, which may also help in some other parts on your body.

There are also plenty of best wax strips for face available out there. They may come different brands, but give it a search before purchasing one. The videos that make reviews best products are always available. The buying guides that included the best wax strips aren’t difficult to find out. These are helpful for you. Eventually, when waxing, bear in mind to apply the strips in the direction of hair growth. It helps you to easier to pull hairs out.

Using Tweezers

This is not a tool to be many people’s favorite because it doesn’t allowing you to remove hair on a large area at a time. It is possible to pluck an individual hair, which seems to be more ideal when needing to remove grey hairs on your grandma’s head.

Although not as effective as other methods, it is good at plucking your ingrown hairs. Plus, it is good when needing to reshape your eyebrows.

Things You should Do before Buying Facial Hair Removal Products

Each individual may have different tips when buying something. This varies from this product to that product because each type of item has different features. It also depends on your habit when shopping. Hopefully, the tips included in this guide may be helpful for you when buying facial hair products.

Reading Reviews and Buying Guides

This is not a special tip but a lot of people do this. Actually, reading reviews and buying guides are really helpful when you don’t have any clues of what you are going to buy. There are always best products that are best-sellers or top-rated on sellers included in the reviews and buying guides. However, for shaving your time of reading and reading, you should look for best reviews and buying guides.

Watching Videos

Videos that make reviews are available on internet. They are often made by well-known vloggers or celebrities who indeed experienced products. Often, they don’t simply describe the features of products. They tell you how they feel after experiencing them. Also, they tell you whether they love them or not. By this way, you even save your time when looking the right products you need.

Searching Information by Yourself

Reading reviews and watching videos are also the searching information by yourself, but this mean you should make a further searching and comparing by yourself. How you do this? Visiting as many online sellers as possible, then check the prices, read the comments which often included positive comments and complaints from clients. After that, you can compare them by yourself. Of course, you are going to closer to the best quality of that.

Asking Friends or Family

It is always lucky to ask if your friends or family’s members have purchased and experienced the products you’re going to buy. The information you get from them even more clearly.

Going for Well-known Brands

In some cases you would feel very lazy to read, watch and search information about products. You are not a rare person at all. Picking up the products from well-known brands will definitely minimize risks of having a bad quality product.


Actually, each mentioned method of removing hair has its pros and cons. It’s all your choice which one to go with. Hopefully, at the end of reading this buying guide, you have clues for best facial hair removal products to purchase. You are offered useful tips and tricks to remove facial hair by yourself at home.In addition, you have many options for hair removal products out there, but be a smart buyer and bear in mind the most expensive one doesn’t mean the best one at all. Let reviews, buying guides and videos help you !

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