Best Razors For Women 2017 – Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Best razors for women 2017

Dull blades aren’t a good solution for shaving, but what other choices do you have? Actually, you’ve got a lot of great options in front of you that will probably do a better job than your current hair remover. We’ve come up with a solid list of the best razors for women!

It’s not just men that are interested in razors. Women are also looking for fantastic, specialized razors, especially the best razor for legs. We’re very particular with the blades we use to have clear and silky-smooth skin on our legs, armpits, and bikini line. A great razor is a phenomenal tool to add to your beauty cabinet. If you’re interested in looking at an epilator, an alternative to a razor, please click here for instructions on buying the best epilator.

So, can women safely use razors for shaving everywhere? We absolutely can! Do I recommend using one? If you’re comfortable with using it, why not, right? Aside from saving some cash and reducing skin irritation, you’ll also find out that shaving with a razor will give you a better result if you do it right.

Is a Razor Safe and Effective to Use for Shaving?

Shaving with a razor has been shown good results when it comes to lessening irritation on your skin. When you use the best women’s razor, only a small part of the blade will actually be coming into contact with your skin at all. Most razors claim they can provide reduced irritation. However, some of their blades will most likely run across your skin, making it more irritated. You should make sure you’re getting one of the good ones to experience all the benefits!

The best women’s razor has a tip that protrudes more than other razors. You’ll get a better shave, especially on the hair closest to the surface of your skin. On the other hand, some razors will make your skin irritated by directly pulling some of the hairs apart. A lot of women with sensitive skin find that the quality of their razor directly effects how their skin reacts to shaving. That might seem obvious, but shaving still has a negative reputation with many women who think it always leads to irritation and red bumps.

Are Electric Razors Applicable for Sensitive Skin?

A lot of women are now switching to electric razors because they reduce the risk of getting cuts, burns, and nicks. Electric razors are a great choice for women with slower clotting or thin skin, since nicks and cuts won’t be as common. Also, you won’t have to expose your skin to sharp razor blades. Many modern electric razors can even be used in the shower.

Best best razors for women 2017 – Top 3 reviews

Here are some of the best women’s razors that promote safe and efficient shaving:

  1   Swirl Women’s Razor Handle

Unique Features 

  • Comes with Flexi-ball technology
  • Ideal for contouring hard-to-reach body areas, including the ankles and the knees
  • Five razor blades
  • Razor blades are adjustable
  • Premium blades are six times more flexible
  • Includes water-activated moisture glide serum
  • Microfine comb to capture each body hair


  • Stylish look
  • Silver ball increases the razor’s flexibility
  • Serum allows you to shave any area smoothly
  • It can quickly capture each body hair


  • Shave strips may quickly melt in water, making it more difficult to use in the shower
  • The blade may still need a cream, foam, or soap to get closer to the skin

  2   Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver

Unique Features

  • Utilizes three floating heads to glide smoothly onto the skinn
  • Contours the skin comfortably to shave the underarms, legs, bikini line etc.
  • Designed for wet or dry uses
  • Shaped for use anywhere on your body
  • Blades are very sharp, but designed to help prevent nicks
  • Hypo-allergenic shaver blades lessen skin irritation
  • Water-resistant design


  • Closer contact with the skin
  • You can shave anytime and anywhere
  • Gives you a lot of uses
  • The electric shaver is very powerful
  • Use it in the shower or otherwise
  • It glides smoothly on your skin


  • Shave won’t be as clean if you’re only partially wet or dry. It works best if you’re fully wet or completely dry.
  • Doesn’t work well for long hairs without trimming them down first

  3   Gillette Swirl Women’s Razor Refills,6 Count

Unique Features

  • Comes with five contoured razor blades
  • Adjustable blades for hard-to-reach body areas
  • Water-activated moisture glide serum
  • Six times more flexible than standard razor blades
  • All blades suit all Gillette Venus razors


  • Plastic handle for easy control and manipulation
  • Soft rubber grip makes shaving more comfortable
  • Gives you a close and smooth shave
  • Provides full protection to prevent injury
  • Does not irritate sensitive skin
  • Looks great


  • Razor doesn’t give you the feeling of full control
  • May not give you the right maneuverability for some areas of your body

  4   Gillette Venus Embrace Green Women's Razor

Unique Features

  • Sharp and comfortable 5-blade design
  • Moisture ribbon for soft skin and a quick shave
  • Non-slip grip handle with a slim design
  • Compatible with other Venus brand blades
  • Extra refill cartridges include


  • Bette r design for a smoother and closer have than previous Venus razors
  • Blades last a long time
  • Maneuvers well over curved or uneven skin
  • Great non-slip handle for the shower
  • Comfortable shave that doesn’t pull or tug hair or skin
  • Value for your money
  • Compatible with other Gillette Venus razor heads


  • Large head might not work well for your bikini line or ankles
  • The smoothing gel may cause irritation for some with more sensitive skin

  5   Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor

Unique Features

  • Razor head and bikini trimmer put together
  • Uses a hypo-allergenic moisturizing serum for less irritation
  • Trimmer side can adjust to four different lengths
  • Wet or dry trimming
  • Five blade design relieves some of the contact with your skin for a close shave


  • Easily trim your bikini line without causing razor burn from a blade
  • Skin stays hydrated for hours after shaving
  • Compatible with Schick refill kits
  • Trimmer only takes 1 AAA battery to work
  • Length guard for the trimmer is removable for a very close cut


  • Trimmer power button is inconveniently placed – You may accidentally turn it on while shaving
  • Razor can clog up with hair quickly

Choosing the Best Women’s Razors


When you’re going to pick out a fantastic razor, the key is to make sure it’s not contacting your skin too much. And though the blades should be sharp, you’ll want a razor that gives you good control so you can avoid accidentally cutting yourself. When you choose the right razor, especially the best razor for shaving legs, it can also help you avoid irritating bumps from razor burn.

A lot of razors have some extras that give off a cooling effect, condition your skin while shaving, or smooth the area in front of the blades. Conditioning and smoothing strips in front of the blades are particularly helpful, since the strips will moisten the area before the razor blades pass over. This simple action will actually help reduce irritation from shaving.

What to Pick: Disposable or Refillable Women’s Razors?

Most women find it hard to choose a razor. It’s a bit confusing! Let’s tackle one of the bigger questions: Should you choose a disposable or a refillable razor? A lot of women have their own preferences when it comes to selecting a blade, especially if you want the best razor for the bikini line. While disposable razors are a lot cheaper, they aren’t always a good value over refillable versions.

Refillable razors are more expensive than the disposable ones, sometimes by a substantial amount. However, they have a longer useful lifespan than the disposable ones. When you properly care for your blade, it may even last longer than expected. When the blade loses its usefulness, you don’t have to spend much to replace it. Also, many people consider the edge on the refillable razors to be higher quality compared to disposables.

What’s most important is the comfort, so ultimately that depends on the quality of razor you buy, no matter if it’s disposable or refillable. A cheap blade is a cheap blade, and the majority of low quality blades won’t give you the right kind of shave.

Women’s Razors that Cause Fewer Cuts and Nicks

A huge complaint made by women when it comes to shaving is the aftershave nicks and cuts. Most people believe that the type of razor plays a significant impact when it comes to having a smooth skin. Honestly, it’s more important to keep your blade in good condition if you want to avoid irritation. Also, pay a lot of attention when you’re shaving. You need to focus on the areas you’re shaving and be careful about pressing the blade too close to your skin.

How to Take Care of Your Razor to Avoid Injury

When your blade starts to dull out, it’s time to either change it or dispose of it. The first sign that you’ll notice when your blade begins to get dull is it starts to rust. If it has any signs of rusting, but it’s still sharp, you may use a baby oil to preserve it a little longer. It will save you a bit of cash by preserving the blade longer.

Most razors have a cover for protection. This isn’t just to keep your fingers safe from accidentally touching the blades. It is best to keep the lid on it so the blade can avoid rusting quickly.

How to Prepare Your Skin Before Shaving

Before shaving, it’s ideal to find the right razor and the perfect shaving cream to prevent any nicks and cuts. This will also give you smoother skin afterwards. When you use a shaving cream, it aids your razor by letting you shave a bit closer to your skin without irritating it. It also helps you moisten your skin when shaving.

Before using the blade, make sure that you rinse it properly. You’ll help prevent the hair bits gathering in between the blades. It will also keep the gel from caking. Relax your skin and hairs by running warm water over the area you’re going to shave before passing the razor over it. Then, you may use a skin exfoliant before shaving to help you remove any dead skin cells that may dull the blades of the razor.

How to Use a Women’s Razor Well Anywhere on Your Body

Women shave their bodies differently, but we all need a good razor to do it! A lot of women shave their legs and underarms, and some use a razor for the perfect bikini line in the summer. When shaving your legs, you should move the razor straight down, making a vertical line. For your armpits, work from the top down, shaving in straight lines downward. It’s good to work downwards and follow the growth pattern of the hair to cause less irritation.

It’s good if you can find a razor with a solid and comfortable grip. This is going to give you better maneuvering and let you hold tightly to the razor. A non-slip grip feature is also advisable for most refillable razors. When using a non-slip grip razor, women may feel safer and more confident for shaving even your most sensitive skin.

Another feature to search for in a women’s razor is the flexibility of its head. When you have to move over the curves of your body to get to your hairs, you’ll thank me for this advice! It’s better to have a flexible head to provide a safer and easier shaving experience. A pivoting tip will help you remove body hair from the areas of your body that are hard to reach. It will also give you a complete shave in some regions with less work to do and more comfort.


The fact is that a lot of women start shaving at a very young age. Some start at 12, others start at 16. Body hair is a normal part of any human body. The problem here is choosing the best razor for women to deal with unwanted hair. We’ve provided a short list of the best women’s razor available on the market today.

The Gillette Swirl Women’s Razor Refills has been named as the best razor by many users, not just us. It’s not just safe and effective for shaving, but it also avoids cuts, nicks, and razor burn that can happen along the way.

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