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Best Bikini Trimmers 2017 – Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Bikini trimmers are also referred to as a bikini razor, a ladies bikini shaver, or a feminine trimmer. Women all have their own set of personal grooming tools and are use to their preferred products and methods. From make-up to skin care; each woman is different. Among the many tools in any woman’s arsenal is […]


Best Facial Hair Removal 2017 – Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

It’s not fun to have to deal with facial hair as a woman. It can lead to embarrassment and self-confidence problems. Most hair can be dealt with if you have the rights tools, but the wrong tools will make everything more difficult for you. I want to help you find the best facial hair removal […]


Best Razors For Women 2017 – Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Dull blades aren’t a good solution for shaving, but what other choices do you have? Actually, you’ve got a lot of great options in front of you that will probably do a better job than your current hair remover. We’ve come up with a solid list of the best razors for women!It’s not just men […]