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How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs ?

Shaving the body is quite common among women. Well, the reason is very obvious, who wouldn’t want to flaunt their beautiful legs in a short skirt or a dazzling dress. It is also quite common among men since they also want to keep their body as hygienic and presentable as possible. People prefer shaving their body for many obvious reasons. One is that once you have bought an epilator or a nice working razor, it can serve you for long time. However, other techniques like waxing are extremely painful as well as expensive. It is difficult to wax your own body. Shaving at the same time is least paining and very spontaneous task.

Our question for today is how to prevent ingrown hair. No matter which technique you follow, the trouble of ingrown hair is always there. I personally feel so bad when I touch my freshly shaved leg and find ingrown hair disturbing the softness of the body in the way. It becomes almost impossible for me to tolerate these annoying ingrown hairs. This problem persists even if I have used best epilator 2017 in the market. I search on how to prevent ingrown hair and after accumulating some suitable answers, I thought that it would be great if my readers can also be benefitted with the same techniques.

What Are Ingrown Hair?

Normally, our hair has the nature to grow outwards from the surface of the body. In the ingrown hair condition, the hair curls backward in the body. This condition is more prominent among people with curly hair. Some ingrown hairs are also accompanied by certain kinds of infections. The prime cause that has been acknowledged to root ingrown hair is tight clothing, waxing or shaving. Any attempt that plucks out the hair in an uneven way will cause ingrown hair. You can use best electric shaver even but if you are doing it wrong, it will lead to ingrown hair on your body.

As we were talking about the infections that are caused due to ingrown hair, it is very important to keep them cured. Common symptoms include redness and itchiness, raised bumps, pimple, etc. By taking some simple preventive measures, you can avoid ingrown hair easily.

How To Know If I Have Ingrown Hair ?

People usually don’t get to know if there was an ingrown hair or a pimple. As I mentioned the symptoms above, if you have redness on the skin, itchiness or irritation then it means you have an ingrown hair on your body. It can also be caused by top epilator in the market. It mostly looks like a small pimple or sometimes it also appears like a boil like sore.

To be more sure if it is just a pimple or adverse cause of an ingrown hair, you can check if the pimple has got pus inside it. Sores with pus inside of them are the sure shot way to assimilate that it is an ingrown hair.
In men, it mostly occurs like a little bump on the chin, neck or cheeks after shaving. At the same time, in women it occurs on the legs, armpits, public areas, etc. Therefore, it is very essential to know about how to prevent ingrown hair.

How Can I Prevent Ingrown Hair? 8 Super Techniques ?

So, now we have reached the most important section of our article today, how to prevent ingrown hair? Well, the sources that I have referred and studied say that there are various methods that can help you in the process. But, today we will read about the 8 methods to prevent ingrown hair.

1:Usage Of Tweezers

Tweezers are perfect to abolish the ingrown hair from your body. It is best recommended to use sterilize tweezers and the process of removing the hair has to be done before you wax or shave your body. Here I am recommending usage of sterilized tweezers so that you can keep your body from any kind of infections.

In the case where the hair is too tiny or has gone completely inside the body, it is best recommended to use a needle. The needle too should be sterilized. If you are worried about the pain then don’t be, the needle will not pain you are leave a mark behind.

The needle has to be poked into the hair and slowly popped out of your body. Usually, there is no blood that is witnessed on the skin but it is also not guaranteed. In case of a bigger hair, you might witness red spot of little amount of blood when you pop out the hair.This method is not ideal for the people with sensitive skin. A scar might appear on your skin if you use Tweezers or needle to take out the ingrown hair. Also, the process of healing is relatively slower.


Well, even the top epilator can cause influx of problem for you if you don’t acknowledge how to prevent ingrown hair. Exfoliation seems like an ideal way to get rid of ingrown hair once and for all. To be absolutely clear on this I would say that you cannot afford to exfoliate once in a while and raise your expectations that it will magically abolish all the ingrown hair off from your body. It is a routine process and you will have to do it on the routine basis. If you can’t entertain this method too much then I would say that it must be done at least twice a week.

The main purpose is to remove the dead skin from the body. It will keep the ingrown hair to grow and cause trouble. It is the dead skin that is trapping the ingrown hair. Once you exfoliate, it will abolish the possibility to root these hairs. Also, with exfoliation, you might be able to trap the end of the hair and get rid of forever.

3:Sharp Razor

There is a reason for why it is always recommended to change the razor every month. The reason is that after constant usage, the bristles of the razor get week and they lose their tendency to remove hair completely. Since they get blunt pretty fast, you need to create a schedule on when you must change it. It certainly depends upon the number of usage of each razor. Now, because of the blunt razor, the hair is not extracted from the skin properly. That is why ingrown hair grows. Therefore, in order to get rid of these hairs or never to have them at the first place, it is highly necessary that you use a sharp razor and rub off the hair from your body completely.

I understand that frequent changing of the razor calls for a huge amount of expense. But seriously, your body is way more precious than the few extra bucks that will be used in the process. Also, there is a tip of caution, if you are using an old razor, it is recommended to use it slow. Same is the case when you are using a sharp razor and i.e. that it must also be used slowly. A sharp razor can easily cut the skin. Therefore, it is important that whenever you are using it, use it very slow.


Epilators beings the most trendy and spontaneous way of hair removal is accepted by the world immensely. No wonder these machines are expensive than the razors and other methods but these also serve you for tremendously long period. There are different kinds of electric shavers and top epilator available in the market but all of them has the tendency to boost ingrown hair on the body. Well, there is nothing to worry about as we will discuss a method with which you will not have to withdraw the usage of the electric shaver and also avoid the growth of ingrown hair.

It is simple to decrease the risk as you can use the epilator opposite to the direction of the growth of the hair or against the grain. It is recommended to use the machine in a consistent motion and use a light hand in the process. Exfoliating can also help in preventing the ingrown hair if you are using an epilator. You can use a hydrating lotion or the exfoliating scrub to get the work done.

5:Shaving Gel

Well, I have a mixed opinion on this segment since I believe that there is no good reason to buy a cheap shaving gel. As I said earlier, you body is important and it is quite necessary that you treat it likewise. A moisturizing and skin friendly shaving gel always help in keeping your skin healthy. Trust me, you will get plenty of things in which you can save your money but shaving gel is definitely not an excusable choice. It will not only get you the best shaving results but these work wonders on the ingrown hair.

I personally believe that quality shaving gels are not too expensive to be afforded. Also, there is a very good reason to buy them as no matter how much they cost, they will last for ages. So it is a win-win situation either ways.

6:After Shave Lotions

It is like a standard process of shaving that first the gel is used to create the lather and once you are done with the shaving, it is followed by the moisturizer. I have seen that many people happen to follow this process. But the thing is, do you know why you must apply an after shave lotion? It is to provide moisture to the face and keep it supple.

There are different kinds of after shave lotions available in market. It is recommended to buy the one that cures your skin the best. Basically, the lotion is used to soothe the freshly hair-rid are. I recommended the lotion that suits your skin because if will not irritate the open pores of your body and react. You can also use your regular moisturizer but the hair removed skin is different from the normal one. That is why you have to be extremely careful before you make your investment in any of the lotions.

7:Hair Removal Creams

It is a perplexing choice. If your concern is only to avoid ingrown hair then hair removal creams are also a choice. I mentioned the word “Perplexing” in the beginning since I don’t completely support this method. The thing is that I have read some pretty bad reviews on the usage of hair removal creams. That is why I said that if you are wondering for the answer of how to prevent ingrown hair then no method is better and economical than this one. But again, I won’t suggest it as a quality method either.


You have nearly experimented all the ways? If you are still troubled by ingrown hair then seeing a dermatologist would be an ideal choice. The thing is that here you can find the temporary or the lighter solutions on how to prevent ingrown hair but if you are troubled much with them then it is better to see a doctor. They will be able to diagnose the problem and suggest you better. Also, they will recommend you with the hair removal ways that can keep the future possibility of ingrown hair in check.


Ingrown hair could be troublesome for anyone. It is important to understand the basic means that will help in preventing their growth. I hope I have nailed it and provided you with the right answer on how to prevent ingrown hairs. The above-mentioned methods are not at all difficult to follow.Well, these are from my personal usage, research and reviews. I am all ears for your reviews and methods. If you like our suggestions and they have helped you in anyway then please don’t forget to give us thumbs up. We appreciate the suggestions so please send your opinions in the comment section below!

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