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Why You Should Prefer Epilation To Shaving ?

While shaving is speedy and simple, hair regrows in one or two days. You’ll need to shave almost daily if you want to stay completely hair-free. Considering how busy life can get, it’s a little difficult to fit shaving into the schedule all the time! Shaving leaves a thorny feeling on your skin after just […]


How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs ?

Shaving is something we all have to do, men and women. People prefer shaving for many obvious reasons. Shaving and epilation are the cheapest and simplest ways to get rid of body hair in a short time. Other techniques like waxing are extremely painful, and can get expensive if you go to a salon regularly […]


How To Use An Epilator ?

Removing hair from the body has been part of personal grooming for ages. However, getting rid of hair may be a tedious job when you consider that the legs and underarms have an estimated 78,000 hair follicles. Thankfully, the advent of technology has made it easier to remove hair by using an epilator.Epilators are small […]


How To Clean Your Epilator ?

If you’re going to make the most of what it has to offer, it almost goes without saying that you must clean your epilator often. Because of what it does, you’d expect small pieces of hair, dead skin, and skin cream to be stuck in the epilator’s head. Failure to clean the epilator on a […]


Does An Epilator Hurt !

The straight answer to this question is that epilators do not cause pain per se, but rather a sensation of discomfort. While epilators work by plucking hair, they do not cause as much pain as waxing. The epilator pain keeps reducing as you get used to the device, so after a few uses you won’t […]


How Do Epilators Work ?

Epilators are efficient hair removal devices that have distinct advantages over other methods like shaving. They have tiny tweezers that hold the strands of hair and pull them out directly from the root. So, you won’t see any hair for a relatively long time after using them. Epilators can be used on most parts of […]


Epilators – Their Use And Benefits

Epilators are electronic tweezers that pull body and facial hair directly from the root. They are a unique way to remove hair, because they pull out the entire hair at once, root and all. That clears the skin, making it soft and smooth. Epilators 2017 come in different types and models. There are battery and […]


Are You Sick And Tired Of Your Furry Self ?

Have you been dying for an effective full body hair removal treatment that won’t break the bank? Is there a good way to do body hair removal for men and women that doesn’t hurt or cost an arm and a leg? You have a few alternatives to try out for taking care of unruly body […]


How To Get A Perfect Apilator And Spent Less ?

An Epilator is a small device that gets rid of hair from the root using its tiny ceramic or metallic tweezers. Hair is not removed one at a time, since that would consume a lot of time. A bunch of hair is removed all from the root with a single pass. The mechanical tweezers rotate […]


Want to Know the Best Hair Removal Cream for Men?

There are a lot of methods for men to remove body hair, with the most common being a razor. The problem with shaving is that you keep on doing it almost every day. It can be too tiring for many men to do that. You can also go for laser removals, but laser treatment for […]


How To Epilate Your Legs And Arms ?

Most women want silky smooth legs and arms. That’s understood by advertisers everywhere when they show off models with fabric or water simply gliding off their hair-free legs. Smooth legs are achievable for everyone, but like most things in life you have to put effort to gain the reward.Using an epilator, you can remove the […]


Oily Skin Care in the Summer

Since it is already summer time, you may be feeling concerned about your skin because you know that your skin may not be as protected as it is as compared to other seasons. You know that the scorching summer heat may have some negative effects on your skin, but as long as you know how […]


How To Be Beautiful In 6 Steps ?

Not everyone is naturally beautiful, although there are some people who make it look easier than it really is. You have to remember that putting some time and effort to make yourself look beautiful does not have to take a lot of effort.Putting on make-up is one thing that women rely on in order to […]


Beauty Tips Before Going To Bed !

Every day, the skin is exposed to a lot of harsh ultra violet (UV) rays. It also gets exposed to dust and air pollution that can make the skin age more quickly. Exposing your skin to harsh environmental conditions all the time will have increase your chances of getting fine lines and wrinkles that will […]


How To Make Your Skin Glow ?

Women always want healthy, glowing skin. I can’t say I disagree either, since it’s something I also aspire to! However, the busyness of modern life can unintentionally cause your skin to get worse over time. Sun might make you darker than you want to be, and air pollution and stress cause your skin to look […]

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