Why You Should Prefer Epilation To Shaving ?

While shaving is speedy and simple, hair regrows in one or two days. You’ll need to shave almost daily if you want to stay completely hair-free. Considering how busy life can get, it’s a little difficult to fit shaving into the schedule all the time! Shaving leaves a thorny feeling on your skin after just a day or so, and the stubble is unattractive. Since you are not cutting hair at the root but at the skin’s surface, shaving doesn’t really get rid of hair so much as it delays it growing.

Most women agree that shaving is simpler and less difficult than epilating, especially for sensitive areas like armpits. While shaving, make sure to help your skin out by using a shaving gel, cream, or shaving cleanser with soothing additives like aloe vera and skin-enhancing vitamins. Pick an item suitable for the skin and avoid items with low quality additives or junk. Shaving also means considering pre-shaving oil and lotions, then after shave to keep up your skin’s smooth appearance.

Shaving might take less effort than waxing or epilating, but it’s not exactly the most convenient method you can do. Not only do you have to do it all the time, but you risk scratches, cuts, nicks, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation. You’ll also have to pay for new blades all the time to keep your razor sharp. Most people don’t like having scratches and cuts.

Epilation offers smooth skin that’s completely without hairs. You may get a different feeling after epilation than you do with shaving, but you won’t even see the roots of your hairs. To me, that’s completely worth the effort and the new experience!

Want to top getting those pesky ingrown hairs? Epilators are way better at preventing ingrown hairs than shaving. That’s a definite win for epilation.

The following are the advantages of epilation over shaving:

No More Stubble​

Directly after you shave, your legs are smooth. In any case, within of a couple of days, they go right back to feeling like a cheese grater.

Razors just trim hair at the skin’s surface, leaving a short tip below the skin that’s connected to the root of the hair.

You’re simply removing the stubble every time. When the hair passes skin level, you have stubble once again!

Epilators haul the hair out from the root; instead of leaving a little stubble in there, you’re removing the entire hair. There’s not stubble for a long time.

No More Bumps and Dark Spots

In the wake of shaving, you’re left with red bumps or dim spots. Shaving makes your pores more recognizable, and can irritate the skin around hair follicles.

Epilators don’t cause bumps since you’re hauling the hairs out from their roots, as opposed to the trimming the hairs at skin level. You won’t really be affecting the skin at all.

Keep in mind that epilation will cause your skin to be red and a little irritated directly after you finish. But, within a few hours it will be back to normal without any long-lasting irritation, bumps, and blemishes to be seen.

Awesome for Removing All Excess Body Hair

Dark hair regularly causes stress. Your confidence can be severely impacted by dark hairs on your body, since they might show up in spots that hair is normally not visible, like the arms, back, or neck.

The best epilator 2017 effectively and easily pulls hair from those places where stubble can be especially unattractive, so that you don’t have to shave keep shaving over and over.

Chips away at Any Hair Length

If you’ve considered waxing or something else, most methods require you to have your hair at a certain length before you do anything. That means waiting for a little while before you can get your hair removed.

With epilating, you can get rid of body hair any time. The tweezers on epilators can get and pull hair 1 millimeter long or shorter.

It’s Cost Effective

Heading off to the salon to get waxed is expensive. Similarly, replacing nice razor blades can also add up over a long time.

Regardless if you do your waxing or shaving at home or the salon, you’ll still have to restock on supplies. Waxing kits can’t be re-used, so you’ll need a new one each time.

Epilating includes a 1-time purchase that will keep going for a long time without giving up. You won’t really have to spend a lot on maintenance or additions to keep it going every time you need to use it.

A Great Solution For Dark-Haired Women!

Epilators are a great solution for dark-haired women. No waiting for hairs to grow long enough to remove, and no having to shave multiple times each week. Epilating is easy to do, only needs to be done once every few weeks, and it last longer than shaving.

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